Printing 🖨

Print as "an image." If you are having issues with graphics or lines not printing, try downloading the most updated Adobe Reader available or use this option to print:


Are you using the adobe software? Do not print print from a web browser but instead print from the Adobe software. 

Is the insert is centered in the print preview window? If the insert isn't centered and instead appears in one of the corners, it won't line up when printed back-to-back.

If you answer 'yes' to both questions, it's likely a printer alignment issue. On my printer, it's a simple alignment test and a reset of my printer. Please troubleshoot with your printer instructions or manufacturer if that's the case. 

All inserts are designed to size, and centered on a page. 

Make sure you purchased the correct size. All inserts need to be printed at 100% for them to come out as the correct size. Select "100%," "No Scale," "Full Size," or "Actual Size" in the print preview screen to ensure accurate size.

Please note our return/size exchange/refund policy.

It sounds like your printer is pulling the pages wrong. You need to print it just as it is ordered in the pdf. If your printer isn’t choosing correctly, it’ll be off. To ensure it’s correct, print pages 1-12 first, then print page 13 by itself. This may sound obvious but Page 13 (last half of dec) must be blank on the back. 

Once you print and trim, you'll need to place the months in the correct order.

Inserts 📝

I offer Sunday starts as a custom option. Please submit a custom order request for a quote. If there is enough interest in a Sunday start, I will do my best to offer it in the shop. I hope to incorporate Sunday start inserts in my shop eventually!

Interestingly, there is quite a bit of history on the Monday vs. Sunday start. The International Organization for Standardization 8601 states Monday is the beginning of the trade and business week. However, culturally and historically, Sunday has been the beginning of the week as it signifies a day of rest (Sabbath).

The only way to access previous orders is through your email order confirmations. If you don't happen to have them, you can log into your account and find the order number you want and email sierrampoulson@gmail.com to have the confirmation resent where the download links will be.

If you purchased via our Etsy shop, you'll need to log in to your Etsy account to find your downloads under "Purchases" or via your email confirmation sent to you by Etsy.

We do not sell printed inserts. SMPLANS does have an authorized printer that help you print our inserts with their own designated costs. Their contact info can be found in our Facebook group or here.

Yes, you can print your purchased inserts as often as you please. It's the brilliance of printable inserts! Purchased inserts CAN be taken to an office supply store to print, but please refer to print instructions when giving the file to staff members to print.

Adding custom text is permissible but for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Editing the actual file is against our terms of use and may not be done. Please contact SMPLANS with any questions regarding this. 

Yes! Custom items do take a little extra time to create. To help me offer you an accurate quote, please submit a custom request form. Include as many details as possible, including the size(s) you are wanting.